I use a lot of "we" language on this site.

That's because while I'm the main point of contact, I'll build the team we need to meet any challenge. It usually takes a village. I won't say I'm the Mayor of the village, but maybe the spirit guide? I'm certainly one of the instigators.

I wander, I make friends, 
I talk to strangers. I am endlessly, wonderfully, terribly curious. I've been called a multiplier, a fire stoker, and a pain in the ass.


There is so much going on in the world, and so much to give. 

What drives me are the passionate people who want to be present and contribute to the world. There's nothing better than a breath of fresh air to revive a team or idea, and being able to deliver that breeze is the product of my travel and discipline. What I've learned from working with everyone from two-person nonprofits to international brands is that our needs are the same: we all crave relevancy. My happy place is when people feel heard and empowered to make connections. I help people figure out what they have to say, and reflect the things they have in common with their tribes – so we can all get better, together. That is what I want to keep exploring.

It's not all fun and games; my strategy training comes from Chicago's top advertising agencies. 
I even helped develop some of these methods. 

I'm proud of the work I've done from large agencies, to kitchen counters and nonprofit offices. It's enabled me to synthesize and grasp the essence of a company, project, or non-profit quickly and painlessly - and reflect that back in new ways to those folks. Often, a client will say our conversations make them feel like they know themselves better.

Agency History

Resource, Dir. of Integrated Strategy
OgilvyAction, Senior Shopper Planner
Young & Rubicam, Brand Planner
Havas Worldwide, Brand Planner
Leo Burnett, Brand Planner
Wunderman, Brand Planner

Countries Traveled

Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Cuba, France, India, Japan, Italy, Luxembourg, South Africa, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City, Vietnam

Other things i do

Serve on the EPIC board
Read Joseph Campbell
Officiate weddings
Sleep in my hammock
Travel anywhere
Get shit done

**By the way, there is a
partners page getting pulled together**

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