tangent in new york

this is the first time i've had a work account in which i'm traveling a TON, except for the weekly road trips i had to take at burnett to kelloggs HQ in michigan. that was a unique form of torture - this, however, is heaven.

we had focus groups in Sleepy Hollow, of the Ichabod Crane fame. no joke. gorgeous hotel. very nondescript little town. i swear i was half-expecting there to be jack-o-lanterns everywhere or something.

after several days of focus groups we had a client lunch at an unfortunately named place called Eataly ("italy" but said EEET-aly) anyway. the name is kitchy but the decor was very stylish


the food was extraordinary


and there was an entire european market


justin and i found the barilla display :)

and had a beautiful walk back to the YR offices before i was released for the weekend... which turned out to be an entire series of events that were, just... crazy.

so whenever i go to NYC, of course i stay with my brazilian lovers! after finishing up the work day, i hopped on a train to what i thought was a band rehearsal - but then the taxi took me somewhere i've never been before... and as i got out of the car i was greeted by a guy who took my bags like some kind of concierge, i was like "who are you?!" and he was like, "you're here for the braddigan show, right?"

what? oh yes. tiago surprised me by not telling me i was showing up to a gig - and a BUNCH of our friends were there! i had no idea what i was walking into!!!

then i kept having to leave the venue and go outside because MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED. i was like, in love with my friends, and then on a conference call with my family all over the country...

after the concert we went down the street to a diner for some late night snacks, a table of about fourteen of us acting like teenagers :) afterwards we split up into various cars, and that's when shit started getting real. christina's car broke down. we had to call for a tow, then FOUR cop cars pulled over, finally one car went back to brooklyn, christina's got towed, and brad and i ended up getting dropped off by a cop at some seriously nasty diner until 3am when tiago made it back to pick us up. we got back at 4am... it was great to have some quality time with brad, we figured out that we haven't been able to talk like that since just about the first time we'd met. ever. in 2004. c'est la vie, it just made us thankful for the time!

we all slept in after that mess. saturday morning we took our time getting moving, then i got to babysit deise and tiago's dog

while they played a street festival

love this puppy

and kind of chilled the rest of the day. took it easy until it was time to drop me off at the airport. another great trip, done!