just a normal day

had a really, really good day.

took a nice still life waiting for my brunch date
knee still life

i met a new friend for breakfast at the breakfast club - great food in a little out of the way spot
menu at breakfast club

we had some mimosas and talked about the most amazing things - a mutual friend suggested we meet because we both love philanthropy and travel
mimosas at breakfast club

and he was so right. seriously, this chick is going to be hugely important in my life. insta-connection with a great girl! she runs a travel web site and we talked about all the nonprofits i work with, and the possibility of putting the resources together so that part of the site can focus on travel with a purpose. so of course, yes, please, i'm so in.

then i went home and prepared to move again... apparently i'd used up all my good karma for the day? my bookshelves that i love so much pulled a kamikaze and threw themselves to the ground in defiance

anyway. after i cleaned up that mess, the rest of the day was spent drinking wine and putting things in boxes.
moving day...