moving in

so at work i've been given a desk and filing cabinet, which i don't feel is a great way for me to store... anything. i'm not big on keeping paper around, so i'm opting to rock as much digital stuff as possible... and build myself a bookshelf since the guys here aren't helping me out.
putting together a bookshelf

i went to target and got myself a $20 POS and came in this morning to assemble the "better way" because i do, after all, have a lot of paper despite my efforts to keep the flow down...
ah yes, my desk

i am. not. totally. stoked. to. be. here. it's sunday.
obviously i'm stoked to be here

i DID however get myself a "take a hike" scone from the bleeding heart bakery as a reward for my efforts. this thing takes me two days to eat and is delicious... it's like a handful of seeds wrapped in batter.
"take a hike" scone from bleeding heart bakery

more on this later.