STATE RADIO at the metro!

another highlight of what became a week of birthday celebration: state radio was in town. and played the metro, which i looove
state radio @ the metro, feb 19 2010

all my photos are from up in the balcony because i spent the first two-thirds of the show in the second row and i was tired of getting jostled by high schoolers who were in my camera's way!

but no worries, the zoom on this little beast is pretty great
state radio @ the metro, feb 19 2010

state radio shows are in part so amazing because the crowd gets so crazy into it. you might have to click on this to see the bigger image, but chaddo's in the green shirt playing at the edge of the stage
state radio @ the metro, feb 19 2010

it was just a great show, and so good to see the band afterwards as they were signing autographs and everything - i tend to throw in a quick hug and get out of the way, i know this is their work and they don't have time to hang out - but even these little doses are so nice, the in-between things that build a small friendship :)
state radio @ the metro, feb 19 2010

and afterwards i grabbed a drink with some friends from the show, other fans and people i've known for a long time - and for the third chapter of the night met up with my girlfriend quinton and went out for a nightcap and a slice at a place on clark
a pizza-by-the-slice joint on clark

love this face :)
quinton being adorable