getting back to the blog

the last six months have been at the best a wild ride and at the worst a tumultuous affair. i've talked it over with some girlfriends and the idea always comes back to how as we get older, the stakes get so much higher. career, relationships, debt, where and how i live... what i do with my time... who and how i choose to spend it, and what i do when i feel painted into a corner.

it all comes back to time and money. i want to take kayak classes, yoga classes, portuguese lessons. i want to return to brazil in june. i've paid off thousands and have a few more to go.

how. the. fuck. do. i. accomplish. anything.

it's a mixed blessing that the new year is looming. my resolutions look exactly like they did last year... but thankfully i've learned some good things this year to help me actually accomplish what i want.

i think the name of this song is "growing pains."

2011: keep calm and carry on.

ps. i do intend to fill in the past six months... health concerns, trips to new york, brazil, and florida, keeping up with an awesome job, starting to write my autobiography, my sister's engagement to an awesome guy, meeting new nonprofit revolutionaries left and right, a few swings-and-misses in the dating field, and losing my dear papa john.

hopefully i'll be caught up by Christmas...