just a big ol' day of fun

i think my dad kind of wishes his heritage would be western european instead of eastern european. he loves all things french or italian...
and doesn't he look the part?
dad looking so cosmopolitan

so off to the french market we went. it's this lovely collection of food stands and local goods inspired by actual Parisian style markets. the family split up to find our own lunches and regrouped at one of the bistro tables...
lunch at the french market

i love pictures of anne laughing.
lunch at the french market

after a lovely meal we went to the MCA Chicago, which per usual had some hit-and-miss artwork :) some things that you see and you're like, really, MCA? really? but it was also full of hidden in plain sight gems like this one
directions at the MCA

take a closer look and appreciate the sheer simplicity:
MCA directions

good way to spend a saturday morning, that's for sure.

then in the evening, sarah, drew, and i had some fun...
sushi dinner with a surprisingly perfect dessert
this is a really, really perfect dessert

skipping our way down the street to a movie at the music box theatre

coffee at julius meinl
drew and his foam mustache

itteh bitteh cream pitcher included
just look at that teeny creamer say whaa

then dinner with a random at d'agostinos...

this poor guy asked us for a dollar and we took him out for a burger and fries. it was intense how much it felt like he could have easily been any of us. he looked to be our age and was in just jeans and a sweatshirt - turns out he was laid off, girlfriend cheated on him, evicted... now living in his car.

very sobering after a night of fun. it's tough all over, but you do what you can for the people around you. it's on all of us to collectively make the world better, and though we couldn't get him a job, we could get him dinner.