mike and abby's wedding

on a magical day up in kenosha, there are beautiful places where people have weddings. it's just that simple. you turn a corner, park your car on a nondescript street, and there it is.

the ceremony site

the day was overcast but beautiful, the light was perfect

the grounds of the ceremony

my parents and i arrived with about three minutes to spare. we found our seats, clutched our kleenex and settled in for something beautiful.

the programs

we got a sneak peak as the bridal party lined up

wait for it... wait for it...

mike's niece holly is possibly the most perfect little ten year old ever

holly - what a beauty!

abby was stunning

all dressed in white

and the ceremony was very heartfelt... mike's sister kim read from corinthians and only had to stop once - but even as she stopped to cry she laughed

kim reads from corinthians and has an emotinoal moment :)

mike's mom kathy - who i have described many times on this blog and in life as my spiritual mom - officiated. i have no idea how she kept it together :) but she did and she has called dibbs on my wedding...

kathy's blessing

i am so happy i caught that perfect moment

the moment :)

such a gorgeous couple


this photo was later on, outside the reception, but it was taken on the sly and i feel like they look like total badasses

mike & mike

especially when you consider the bridal party converse.

LOVING the white converse! the groom & groomsmen were all wearing them

god i love this kid.

me & mikey the groom

the reception was in this gorgeous banquet hall that used to be a girls school... it had that old-world charm with dark wood and murals along the walls.

reception hall

abby did all the centerpieces herself!

abby did all the centerpieces herself!

and it was so cool to catch up with old friends. i saw a bunch of old neighbors who knew me when i was a baby, met some of mike's current posse who i don't know now but they are some cool kids; and my favorite part of the night was just seeing everyone love each other. that's always my favorite thing about weddings - as hokey as they can seem sometimes, and that's something i feel about most traditions, not just weddings - it's still one of those times where everything insignificant falls away and we can just bask in the goodness and promise of a new life. we are called to love each other. it's that simple, and its events like these, celebrations of life and love, that help keep us on track.