wedding shower!

a dear childhood friend of mine is getting married and today i met the bride and her family for the first time :) the shower was at the home of our friends, who were my neighbors in the house i was born in - they have known me literally my whole life, and mikey's mom is my second mother and spiritual mentor. i just love them so much. the house was set up beautifully, the whole day was just lovely. we got the men out of the way and had some quality girly bonding with the bride-to-be...

bridal shower

kathy led us in a round of mad-libs type games, fill in the blanks of song lyrics and romantic movies, that sort of thing. many of us failed miserably :)

playing mad-lib-esque love games

my little sister coached mike's niece lily

lily and annelily and anne

i got to sit by abby and get to know her a little - LOVE HER.

beautiful bride!!

presents were, of course, the main event :) we got them glass mugs and and a coffee maker from their registry, and i threw in a specialty box of waffle mix... thought it was a good breakfast theme

bridal shower

after the party had died down, abby, mike, and our families hung out a little bit

abby & mikey

and lily took her new best friend out front to play with the chalk on the sidewalk. check out the ponytail on that little hopper.

hopscotch - check out the ponytail