Q. what to do on a random tuesday night?

a. grab yourself an amanda
amanda of eden

b. and head to melissa's circus class

not EVEN KIDDING. they hang and spin from fabric hung 20 feet in the air, plummeting and swinging while we gasp in the audience

so cool. so very cool that this just exists in evanston, there if you're curious. the talent and strength that's required for this class is intense - added bonus are mel's gnarly bruises she often shows us with pride :)

took the train home. davis street stop at night might be the place where nightmares are born. just sayin.
murder scene

is this or is this not straight out of scooby-doo? some guy with a mask is going to jump out at any second and his hologram will chase me up and down the platform
south blvd station

and after seeing THIS SUCKER
nightmare material

and then this
birds eat the spiders

all i could think of was renfield from Dracula, and his obsessions with the spiders eating the flies, and the birds eating the spiders, and the kitties eating the birds... NIGHTMARES I TELL YOU


ps. not a secret: i effing love tom waits.