revolution, evolution

um, new job, new apartment, new life.
it seems that st patty's could be the most auspicious day of my year.
the pattern's been brewing for a while now.

3/17/06 - moved back downtown to current apartment
3/17/07 - return from nicaragua. still working at wunderman.
3/17/08 - return from brazil. started job at leo burnett (look out - site is loud)
3/17/09 - return from nicaragua. starting job at Euro (this one's loud too)

i was laid off a month ago and haven't talked much about it because well, it's annoying. and frightening. but the denver trip was really healthy for me, and this upcoming nicaragua adventure is less of a running away scenario and more of a running towards something.

and when i get back i'm moving to ravenswood, a neighborhood a bit northwest of where i live now. still in the city, still on the brown line train, but definitely no longer in the thick of things. but MUCH CHEAPER and only two blocks from my gym!!


it's just a little wiener studio
living room

but it's got some character :) by the way, i'm not moved in yet. this is not my stuff. that happens may 1.