braddigan @ wheaton college

tonight brad was showing the Love Light and Melody documentary at Wheaton college... it was definitely a good day to take the train to wheaton.

apparently there were guitars buying their own tickets
a man and his guitar

it was so amazing to see these guys so soon after our intense quality time down south. i got there in time to grab a few hugs as the guys tuned up the instruments, and grabbed a seat up front as brad introduced the movie.
brad & tiago, wheaton college march 09

i love this film. this was the third time i'd seen it and it's one of those where you notice something new every time. i camped out in the back against the wall with brad and tiago where we shared some subway dinner and poked each other during the inside jokes, celebrating the people we knew who were on the big screen...

afterwards, afterwards brad moderated a Q&A session for about 45 minutes - it's extraordinary to hear him talk about this stuff because no matter how well i know the stories, regardless of the fact that i've been there for a lot of this - it's still so good to hear what people want to know and what Love Light and Melody's response is to it.

then brad and tiago played a beautiful set filled with stories and anecdotes
brad & tiago, wheaton college march 09

brad & tiago, wheaton college march 09

i headed home on the early side, partly because that's how the trains worked, but also because it was a school night... but what a good way to spend a monday evening, right?