merry christmas :)

so christmas this year came and went with very little craziness. i didn't take many pictures at all, which was shocking to me. nothing happened that i want to process or write about, it was just a simple, easy, happy few days at home and i hope yours was too.

we made a gingerbread tree
decorating a gingerbread tree

dad cooked
chef mikey

we played with babies :)
baby jimmy and anners

okay i took a few with some wax lips i received as a present...
merry christmas!merry christmas! merry christmas!merry christmas!merry christmas!

anyway, in the holiday season we also managed to fit in brunch with some family friends at Jane's
brunch at janes

and i really wanted to include this photo of annie, which i think expresses the flavor of this year's holiday - that sly, i-see-you look...
anne's so festive

we were just all really present. and enjoyed each other :) so in the spirit of that, happy holidays to all!