zombie time is OVER

still struggling with the zombie syndrome one month into work.
and we're done with that. seriously.

last weekend i broke free with a much-needed detour to boston:
to see owen and his awesome fauxhawk,

the only thing to do in dedham MA after the showcase cinema closed

take a trip down memory lane in Hyde Paaahk (park, where we lived in 2005),
front of house

and to see the Adam Ezra + Braddigan Concert at the Roxy...

and talk to James about a rather substantial idea we've got going that will probably take over my life this fall and most of next year. all i'll say at this point is that the current day job leaves me with some of my skills not being sharpened and i intend to stay sharp. this is also the new direction of the book idea.

i've been super open about how this year has been a rough one, and will get harder before it gets easier... but (cue music) i get by with a little help from my friends, and two days running around boston was definitely a needed shot in the arm :)