it never ends, i'm at work today, on sunday, the day after my birthday, and i've at the same time got stakeholder interviews open and Braddigan's Side of the Road DVD.

in other words, my split personality side by side in my spare time, dueling for my attention.

friday night i was here late and one of my favorite people from work brought back another copy of the DVD i'd loaned him - i learned Tom's adopted daughter has a Nicaraguan father and Tom interest has grown in the work we've done in Manauga... i went back with him to his office and walked him through the nearly 300 photos i took about a year ago in Managua and La Chureca.

we were about a third of the way through when he started chuckling and said something like "i get it now, you're only here to make enough money to do these trips. and i'm glad you're here, i'm glad we get to keep you."

and i admitted, yes, that is a big part of the reason i stay. i know the training i get in a corporate setting changes what i can do on the ground. having both makes each more special, though i can't imagine it's easy for work buddy or for me to know that i will never take my eyes off the horizon, keep an ear on the ground to discover a way to tip the balance towards real life :)