surgery / part I : prep

okay, the quick recap so far. will be replaced later with an actual update -

- friday: last day at work. went to a fabulous lunch with some very good friends. was working until 5:15pm, at which point went home and then was late for my own going-away party at TenPin. it seemed appropriate, although was not planned that way :) had dinner and bowled with more very good friends. perfect night on the town. compassionate yet unsentimental and fresh way to head out the door.

- saturday: slept in. packed. left for parents' house. had brunch, had a massage, did some girly stuff at the spa, talked about the trip, dad made an excellent dinner, and then we packed some more. sisters and i had some precious bonding time late into the night.

- sunday: left from o'hare at 6am, got to San Jose around 11am. drove up to Sausilito and shopped / walked / tasted a little wine. GPS led us to our rented house for next week in mill valley - it's on a mountain and kind of a winding road, but looks beautiful from the driveway... then made our way to the hotel, unpacked, had a picnic dinner in the hotel room of goodies picked up in wine country.

- monday: doctors appts start at 9am. we head to st. mary's for the first time and have breakfast at the cafeteria around 7:30 (we're on chicago time, people). pre-admitting is smooth, then head to the offices of pacific laparoscopy (also for the first time, obvi)... the offices are very unassuming. i'd expected more panache somehow. we walked in as though it were any of my specialists' offices, checked in, sat down and waited. met with the physicians' assistant - who i am nicknaming mcdreamy - who answered any last questions we had. i found out i'm losing an appendix. true story.

finished up in the early afternoon, drove around a little, returned the rental car, and hit trader joe's for bottles of water and anything else i was allowed to have the day before surgery (pretty much apple juice and chicken soup broth). went to dinner at a fantastic hole in the wall called Fino's, came home, and i laid out my pills for today.

- tuesday: no food, bus tour, apple juice, back to the hotel, on pill regimen - vitamins, etc every two hours 12 to 10pm - logged some serious phone time today... and now, trying desperately to not let people feel like i'm too far away. it's been too frantic / anxious to update anything yet. things here are good, i'm heading to st mary's for the big deal in about seven hours.

holy shit.

shocked by how okay i feel. and more scared about the day after tomorrow than tomorrow itself.

with love -