last minute, late-night thoughts

of course i'm all in a tizzy because i'm a day and a half from leaving, still unpacked, but at least i have my visa. we're good there... passport? check. and check. and check again.

i'm debating whether to get i'm very sure i want some kind of ipod for the plane... any advice you can give me before lunchtime on tuesday, friends? i was looking at the nano, but then realized it's 2000 songs for $200 or 20,000 songs for $250... so $50 for ten times the songs? sheesh. no-brainer it seems.

though every penny seems to count since i started looking at lofts again.

this could work.
after brazil.
and if insurance covers the surgery.
and if i can tear myself away from the mural.
guys, it's a real possibility...

for the love of pete, one thing at a time. when will i learn that skill?
(really, do i want to?)