virginia is for lovers

side note... i wanted to make sure that line was virginia's motto. googled it, and found the funniest piece of artwork on

what i like about this image is that it makes me think. like
"live passionately. dressed up in colonial garb."
"live passionately. as a screaming soldier with awkward hand gestures."
it's just like, guns ablaze on the morn of the revolution, and this guy is doing this hand / heart thing to... what, support his men? i just don't get what's going on here. not feeling the love. feel free to put caption ideas in the comments ;)

so monday was totally awkward. i had to check out by noon, and after going to bed at five i was awake, cleaned up, and packed around eleven. checked in my bags at the front desk, they babysit for like fifty cents a bag and that's awesome.

homeless and ready to fall over, i left for a lunch thing and decided to pick up a host gift from a whole foods i'd seen while walking back from the Elias Fund art show on saturday. armed with some appetizer whatnots, i made my way up to the financial district and arrived at my lunch destination at 1pm. got stood up around 45 minutes later. left the gift with a roommate and jumped on a sightseeing bus, passed the time on the bus for the next two hours :) so, the afternoon wasn't a total loss.

it was pretty cool to run all over the city, and certainly relaxing after everything that's been going on.

the afternoon required flexibility too, i was going to catch dinner with a friend, which turned (via text message) into movie plans, which then turned into the train was down and he was stuck in brooklyn and i was stuck in chinatown, two hours early for my next appointment.

whatever. disheartened, i headed back to the bowery ballroom that i now knew forwards and backwards, and found some people at the downstairs bar while waiting for the Adam Ezra show to start. it really didn't take much to lift my spirits, the frustration of two funky plans in a row was quickly laid to rest with a little red bull and a lot of laughing.

adam's show was exactly what i needed to keep me going until my train to virginia (which was leaving penn station at 3am). i've never seen him play before and it was a great show, he was the opening group on a three-band night so the crowd was not too large but they were totally into it. he's one of those guys who plays barefoot and the band is really tight so they're all riffing off each other, he's jumping off the drum kit and smiling a mile wide. after the set i hung out with the band, rey, and tiago until about 1am when i outlasted all those jokers and went back to my hotel for the last time and picked up my bags.

i hauled my bag a few blocks back to the epicenter of my weekend, the Garden, and went downstairs to penn station. exited the way i had first come to new york, alone but not lonely, and saturated by the smells and sights of the city, eyes wide open and in a state of anticipation.

got to my train station around 1:30, got a sandwich, got a magazine, parked myself in front of the kiosk that tells me when it's time to stop being a mole person and go curl up on the amtrack seats.

got on the train without issue; arrived in virginia around 11am.