country road, take me home

so yeah, my sweet girl amandapants picked me up at the newport train station right around noon, and i was a wreck. at this point i had woken up friday morning and slept a maximum of five hours in a night, i was on day five of eating, loving, and drinking on the run (good practice for when i'm on the lam i suppose)

she knew i would do this to myself :) so we got some burritos and she showed me around virginia beach before we ended up at her condo and i got to curl up on the couch for a couple hours.

manda's husband came home a while later, i woke up and we drank some wine, caught up on our lives. nick made us a lovely dinner and we just chatted all night. i slept like a rock, man.

mandy and i took off wednesday morning and drove ten hours to ohio. it was vaguely uneventful and just il dolce far niente. italian, the sweetness of doing nothing.

thursday found us in Sandusky, Ohio. where we spent the day on rollercoasters :) here's the first one of the day

mandy is much more awesome than me and went on three times the roller coasters that i did - i can handle the looping, but the big drops just freak me out for some reason! so she did everything i did, but when she was up for these huge 60 foot drops i would chill in line and then just scoot right on through the seats, wave from the exit side and mutter under my breath, "see you on the ground, suckas"

and that's how we spent our thursday.

that and getting sweet fake tattoos