i heart ny, day two

woke up around 10. found a starbucks, like one does to open their eyes. walked a little to clear my head, and headed down to chinatown to a gallery called Art In General, where i spent the afternoon volunteering with the Elias Fund as they ran a program "From Zimbabwe With Love"

it was cool to run the registration because i got to see EVERYONE. there was a band there called Bongo Love that was playing the Garden shows, there was sweet photography for sale, and Chad Urmston even stopped by. unfortunately, again i took no pictures, i didn't even get up to the exhibition because i was manning the front desk :)

around 4pm i helped clean up and we scattered. i went through the doors honestly having no idea where i was...

asked someone which way was north and wandered for a couple hours through chinatown, through soho, through i don't even know until i got back to my part of town.

the best part of the weekend is that i knew more than fifty people in town for the weekend, so no matter where i went i saw someone. i saw friendly faces all over, this was absolutely the way to travel.

i was one of the only people i was aware of that wasn't there with family or friends, didn't have an actual posse, so i was able to bounce around from group to group and be adopted by anyone who would have me. i love that persona, the drifter. i just floated on my own breeze until i was ready to come down for another night of VIP fun.

saturday night show was as good as friday. the crowd was awesome, the energy was thumping and the band was crazy, dancing and jumping and just off the hook... afterwards we all dispersed early, saving everything up for sunday night