i've been saying this for years

president chavez scares the snot out of me. he's feeling like the continuation of castro's revolution - but not the idealist, instead the imperialist 'i'm in control because i'm educated and you're not' nature.  they're obviously friends, and castro has obviously passed on some knowledge / political idealism. and it's working so far - i read today that Venezuela is the first central american country to be rich enough to snub the US.

which i'm kind of in favor for, just for the record. i don't want central american countries to be forced into playing with us. and that's pretty much what is going on. but to go to the opposite extreme, to be fully anti-america, well... not a fan of that, either.

when i was studying abroad there was this sense of 'you may be american, but you are not yourself america; i cannot hold you responsible for everything that comes from your country' and i think that mindset is dead. long gone. replaced by its evil twin.

BBC news is running an article about anti-American views in the rest of the world, ironically their washington DC correspondent is collecting opinions from the un-ironic countries of France, Venezuela, and Egypt. to read the article, click here.

you'll see in the article that Chavez recently said this about George W: "The imperialist, mass murdering, fascist attitude of the president of the United States doesn't have limits. I think Hitler could be a nursery baby next to George W Bush."

seriously? seriously. it's BBC, which in my mind means it's probably a little out of proportion, a.k.a. not consistently impartial. what do you think about this?

i'd really love to know. feel free to leave comments.