wordpress to yo motha

um, how did i wake up with a cold? runny nose? what this all about? so today is brought to you by airborne, dayquil, and my sense of optimistic i'll-sleep-when-i'm-dead mentality, a mentality which ironically will never die.

i have not had the time i used to have to devote to blogging. and it's not like the readership has EVER been over, maybe, thirty unique people in a day. i think 32 was my highest ever. but it's a little bit important to me, and i'm not sure why. i'm not saying anything new or special. it's just me. maybe that's all it needs to be.

i keep wanting to become some kind of resource; i find a lot of identity in that at work, in life. people come to me often for really random answers, not realizing that i turn around and address my arsenal to get answers :)

i've started to fill the design page (link in sidebar), and hopefully that will be something that will grow and get organized. and i'll be signing off for a week, but when i get back there will be stories and pictures... leaving the day after tomorrow...