just in case you don't already know

i'm going back to Nicaragua next month. in under two weeks.
march 4th, to be exact, with thirty other people.

Nicaragua at a Glance

above: photos from last time

sending in my check today... so much to think about still... this saturday i'm going to be spending the day in the car (and my dad's coming!) to pick up donations from various generous hearts. then hitting constructive playthings, a teachers' store in Skokie that i know for a fact sells jump ropes for a dollar :)

yesterday i needed a break so i went to harass one of our senior designers who i'm a big fan of. we talked for about half an hour about how i can keep up this double life of desk jockey by day and still feel engaged enough to keep planning this kind of thing at night. the answer is: i'm not really sure. i'm just built this way. there will always be that question of will i someday walk away from what has every promise to be a lucrative and entertaining career to supply my skillz to someone like Glue Network?

only time will tell. only God knows for sure.
for now, let's just get to nicaragua and see where that takes us, yeah? to give a sense of perspective: the last time i went was the reason i started this blog in the first place. go hit the April 2005 archives to read the posts from that trip! i can't believe that was almost two years ago.