i'm fed up

i'm so freaking fed up with people coming down on Those Darn Kids Of Gen Y.

entitlement generation. whatever. i'll have you know they're also called iGen, Net Generation, Reagan Babies, Millennials, Echo Boomers, Google Generation, MySpace Generation, MyPod Generation (from the fusion of "MySpace" and "iPod"), Generation Next, Nintendo Generation, Me Generation and the Cynical Generation.

i was on the Fallon Planning Blog, when i came across this post and blew my top a little when i saw this in the comments:

"They don't know how to work hard, expect rewards/accolades for mediocrity, suffer ADD, live a more isolated (yet 'connected' world) and are bombarded with our celebrity culture..."

"I call it entitlement generation. They all think they should just "get stuff". Like people who work from 9-5 and then expect a raise/promotion/new job. Instead working extra hours, learning a new skill, taking extra training; they think they should get it. See it all the time in the younger generations."

so. i put my foot down. my knee-jerk rebuttle:

"all the Gen Y research i've been doing suggests this generation is motivated by two things: becoming "successful" and humanitarian work. i'm not making this up. 18-24 see the boomers sustain themselves as the generation with the most money and power of any the world has ever seen. of course they think they're entitled. they've had no other examples than the boomers who, as a hovering and controlling generation, tell them what to do and who to become. maybe this iGen is not totally to blame. maybe they watch their mothers in their "fuck you forties" (MORE magazine term) and think that's how to live.

there are so many examples right now of kids in this group starting movements: Invisible Children, Obangatek, Elias Fund to name a few. the kids are rallying for Dispatch, who sold out three nights at Madison Square Garden in thirty minutes despite having been broken up for four years. all proceeds are going to Zimababwean nonprofits.

the biggest mistake you can make is to call Gen Y lazy and ADD afflicted. they have every potential to be great, every desire to be great, and they suffer from ten times the amount of ads you did as a kid. you'd stop paying attention to mass media too."