let's see if i leave the house today

they travel in a herd
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i've started being like a pent-up cat, i'll go into one room, look around, go into another room, look around, go outside, walk the driveway and back, come back in, look around...

i'm feeling extremely claustrophic today. i find myself living mostly within about ten square feet of space. not having a car is getting annoying. i'm learning something about myself: i am either a city girl or a country girl, but i will never be able to handle the suburbs. it's too quiet here.

i had a dream last night that instead of looking for a loft downtown (which has always been the dream), i bought a fixer-upper somewhere in eastern iowa and became an artist. like jackson pollock style. i dreamt i was a painter and a writer, and that i had massive parties in my barn of my art dealer and artist friends.

then i woke up on the couch that i've mentioned so many times. i leaned over, picked up my laptop from the floor, and started working. i've since then moved over to the dining room table. SAME TEN FEET.